V3: How does it work?

More than 2000 V3s (known as VCubs), 1000 of which are electrically assisted, are spread over 186 stations in the metropolitan area and offer you free mobility 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Always located in the immediate vicinity of a bus stop, tram station, station or business district of Bordeaux Metropole, V3 stations offer a perfect interconnection and allow you to integrate the bicycle into all your journeys: to get around faster, return late at night, reach a place without direct access or simply for the pleasure of strolling and visiting.

Good to know

1. Subscribe to the classic service or the electrical option

To start, you must subscribe to the V3 service for a period of 24 hours to 1 year. Subscriptions include an unlimited number of unlimited loans of 30 minutes each.

Beyond this period, each of the hours started will be invoiced 1 or 2€ depending on the subscription formula chosen. To avoid this payment, simply drop off your bike before 30 minutes and use another V3 to continue your journey. Smart, isn't it?!


You can subscribe online, or directly at the terminal of a V3 station. An access code and password will allow you to use the service for the chosen period.


You can subscribe online or in one of our 5 sales offices, your subscription will be loaded on a TBM or Modalis transport card.
Additional costs (1€/hour) are to be expected when using your bike after the free half-hour.



The V3 electric option is only available with a standard annual V3 subscription.
This option includes the rental of the battery kit and opens the doors to smooth mobility. The battery with a range of about 10 km will be delivered to you within 7 days at the relay point of your choice and will be accompanied by its charger. The V3s compatible with the electric option can be identified by their blue skirts. They can also be used without electrical assistance with a standard V3 subscription.


Beyond 30 minutes

If you use your bike for more than half an hour free of charge, you will be charged for the loan for each hour you start.

If you have occasional access (24/7), the billing will be deducted directly from your account when you close your access.
If you are a monthly or yearly subscriber, you will have to pay the amount before you can borrow a new V3.

Think about it!

  • By creating your account on the mobile app "V3", you can find out in real time the availability in the resort and earn subscription days thanks to the game "La Bonne Station"! More information by clicking here.
  • You too are part of #TEAMV3 by joining us on Twitter !

2. Borrow a V3


Go to a terminal at the station of your choice and enter your access code and password. The first 30 minutes of use are free.
Beyond that, each hour started, you will be charged 2€ and the final amount of the use will be charged to the credit card used to borrow the bike.


Go to the terminal of the station of your choice to activate your subscription. After any creation or renewal of your monthly or annual V3 subscription, it is necessary to activate your subscription on your card (TBM or Modalis) at V3 stations during the first loan.
Place your TBM or Modalis card directly on the V3 terminal with your 10-digit V3 identifier received by email (= customer number on the terminal) and your password and follow the steps indicated on the screen.
The first 30 minutes of use are free. Beyond that, each hour started will be charged 1€. The final amount will be due on your next loan.


3. Return the bike

You can return your bike to the station of your choice. All you have to do is hang up on a bollard and wait for the beep sound and the indicator light to confirm that the latter is hung up.

4. Security deposit

For the classic V3 subscriptions, you will be asked to pay a security deposit of 140€ which will not be cashed. This security deposit of 140€ can be totally or partially cashed in case of theft, loss or damage of the equipment attributable to you. Depending on your bank, these amounts may be debited from your bank account temporarily.

If you also take the electrical option, a second security deposit of 60€ will be required. This €60 security deposit can be fully or partially cashed in the event of theft, loss or damage to the equipment for which you are responsible. Depending on your bank, these amounts may be debited from your bank account temporarily.