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VéloPark offers a complete range of solutions for parking your personal bike or your Vélo'c. Choose the formula that's best suited to you and closest to where you live.

Bicycle shelters

NEW! The two bicycle shelters at Saint-Jean station are now part of the park, providing a total of over 700 parking spaces at the Gare Saint-Jean gates: on the Belcier and Charles Domercq sides.

Abri vélo Saint-Jean
Abri vélo Saint-Jean

Bicycle shelters are secure spaces located in the immediate vicinity of bus and/or streetcar lines, with a capacity of up to 44 spaces per shelter.

  • Video-protected spaces - magnetic card access
  • Annual subscription: €30/year
  • 24-hour access: €1.80
  • Free access for TBM annual subscribers on registration

Motorized two-wheelers, tandems, tricycles and other personal mobility devices are not allowed inside the bike shelters. It is also forbidden to store personal items inside, except in the lockers provided.

Download the map of the bike shelters, the user guide and the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Use of TBM bike shelters.



Vélobox are local parking bays with 5 assigned spaces. They are dedicated to local residents living within a 250-meter radius.

  • Secure boxes - individual key access
  • Nominative annual subscription: €35/year

Boxes cannot accommodate special cargo bikes or tandems. Only classic or electric bikes are accepted. In the event of loss or non-return of the key, the cost of fitting a new lock and a new set of keys will be invoiced, i.e. €397.20.

Good to know: Velobox subscriptions also give access to bike shelters!



These parking spaces meet a need in areas where parking a personal bicycle may be restricted by the lack of space in buildings in old Bordeaux. Access is restricted to residents living within 500m of the premises.

  • Video protected areas
  • Magnetic card access
  • Annual subscription: 35€/year

📍 Bicycletterie located 48 rue Bouquière : 48 spaces
📍 Bicycletterie located 73 rue de la Rousselle : 145 spaces, including 14 for cargo bikes.

Motorized two-wheelers, tandems, tricycles or other Personal Displacement Machines are prohibited inside the bicycle shops. Storage of personal items is also forbidden inside.

Good to know: Bicycletterie season tickets also give access to the bike shelters!

Good to know

  • Bicycles are strictly forbidden on buses.
  • They are accepted on streetcars only during off-peak hours (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.), and only if there are not too many passengers.
  • Bicycles are allowed on board BAT3 boats, up to a limit of 6 per boat.