Bike parking

stationnement vélo bordeaux

There are a number of ways to park your bike securely so you can use the TBM network.

bicycle spots in bike shelters
spots accessible with the Pass St-Jean
bicycle spots in our park & rides

BIKE SHELTERS: handy and secure

12 bike shelters are at your disposal 24/7! They are secure and accessible by :

  • TBM subscription for one week, one month or one year (free access in your subscription),
  • 24 hours and 7 days tickets,
  • Park & Ride tickets,
  • Modalis Ter or Transgironde subscription for one week, one month or one year (free access in your subscription),
  • Bicycle Shelter Pass for one month or one year.

List of bike shelters :

  • Église de Saint-Aubin (Saint-Aubin-du-Médoc)
  • Beausoleil (Gradignan)
  • Caychac Bourg (Blanquefort)
  • Mairie du Taillan (Le Taillan-Médoc)
  • Cenon Mairie (Cenon)
  • Stade Musard (Bègles)
  • La Gorp (Ambares)
  • Bruges Gare (Bruges)
  • Berges de la Garonne (Bordeaux)
  • Mairie du Haillan (Le Haillan)
  • 2 bike shelters : Gare de Pessac Alouette (Pessac)

Download the TBM bike shelter map, user guide, rules and regulations.

SAINT-JEAN BIKE PARK: 700 spaces by the station entrance

The Saint-Jean bike parks, located at the gates of the Saint-Jean station, allow you to park your personal bike safely. To enter, simply validate your TBM or MODALIS card with a monthly or annual Bike Parks Pass.

The Saint-Jean bike parks are open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day and are monitored by video surveillance. On site, a self-service inflation station is at your disposal.  Take advantage of the bike parks to simplify all your connections with the SNCF, TransGironde, Citiz and TBM lines!

BICYCLE RELAY PARKS WITH BICYCLE SHORT: at the service of intermodality

You can also go to one of the Park & Ride facilities equipped with a secure box (see Park & Ride) for personal bikes.

Please note: for the Parcs-Relais in Pessac Centre and Mérignac Centre, access to the bike park is not possible with your TBM card, you will have to use a Parcub pass.

Download the map of the Parcs-Relais with bike shelters.

Good to know

  • Bicycles are strictly forbidden on buses.
  • They are permitted on trams during off-peak hours only (9am to 4pm) and only if the tram is not full.
  • A maximum of 6 bicycles can be carried on each Bat³ boat.

Take advantage of an annual subscription to the bike shelters

The Maison des Mobilités Alternatives (MAMMA) offers you an annual subscription for residential parking in veloboxes, shelters or bicycle shops near you.
Discover the shelters around you and how to take advantage of them on the website of the TBM Le Vélo store