V3+ Stations

Station V³+

Annual and monthly V3 subscribers: change your vision of journeys on the TBM network with the V3+ stations: + time, + mobility, + freedom!

What is V3+?

A V3+ station offers a longer free borrowing time and a lower usage fee. The only condition is that you hang up your V3+ at your home station.

Accessible to annual and monthly V3 subscribers, a V3+ can be used for 2 hours free of charge. If you exceed these 2 hours, the first 6 hours will be charged a total of €0.50. If you wish to extend your use, the first 10 hours will be charged only 1€ on your time credit.

V³+ : How to ?

Attention: Whether it is a V3 or a V3+, it is forbidden to keep a bike for more than 24 hours!

Why choose V3+?

With 10 hours of V3+ for only 1€, you can go wherever you want and then return home freely.

If your TBM card has been validated in the 75 minutes before the loan, the first 20 hours are free!

You can then go to work with a V3+ and keep it all day long, or finish your return trip with it and leave in V3+ the next morning to take your bus.

Two conditions to enjoy 20 hours of freedom: have validated your card on the network within 75mn before borrowing the V3+, and hang it up on the station where you borrowed it!