Tickets and transport passes on mobile phone

Dowload the TBM app to buy and validate tickets and passes* on your smartphone!

*Only subscriptions paid in one time. Available for all new subscriptions and renewals.


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To download or update the TBM application and buy and validate your tickets with your smartphone, click here:


What is the TBM M-ticket?


Do you use public transport occasionally? Is your journey planned in advance or do you need to buy a ticket at the last minute?  

You can buy and validate your ticket directly on your smartphone! Travel on the TBM network with your TBM m-ticket available on the TBM application!

Everything's made easier! A single application for your journeys!


Validation is done via Bluetooth. Location activation and a 3G, 4G or 5G connection are also required.


How does it work?


- Download the free TBM app or update it.

- Connect to your TBM account or create one if you need to (it's super quick!).

- Choose a ticket: 1, 2, 10 journeys (full or reduced fares) or 24h, 48h, 72h, 7 days.

- Pay by credit card (you can even register it so you don't have to take it out every time).

- Activate Bluetooth and location to be able to validate.

- Validate in Bluetooth each time you climb (even when connecting) on a tram, bus, BAT3 line by bringing your phone closer to the validator's target.

- In case of ticket check, you'll need to present the QR Code generated automatically by the application. Make sure you always have plenty of battery power!

Validation M-ticket

Good to know!

  • 2 and 10 trips: can be used by several people! Simply validate as many times as there are passengers.
  • 24h and 7 days: these TBM tickets do not give access to the network's Park-and-Ride facilities when used on the app. Opt for classic tickets if you need to park your vehicle.


Your transports pass on your phone!


Purchase your annual or monthly pass in one payment on the TBM app*.
*Available for all new subscriptions and renewals.

To subscribe, go to the "Tickets" menu of the app !