V3 on your mobile

V3 sur votre mobile

The TBM network offers several mobile applications to make your daily use of V3 easier: discover them now!

The V3 app: always one step ahead of your station!

With the V3 app, you will always find the station you need:

  • In real time thanks to an interactive map that shows you the number of bicycles available per station. Practical to know, in one click, where to deposit or borrow your V3.
  • Up to 12 hours in advance thanks to V3 Predict' ! For example: in the evening, you check your app and you can find out at which station you will have the most bikes the next day!

THE +: the game "The Good Station": the possibility to win free bike days! The principle is simple: all you have to do is borrow a bike at a "full" station or drop it off at an "empty" station and you're done! Only one condition: to have an annual or monthly V3 subscription.

La Bonne Station
La Bonne Station

The "V3 facile" app: borrow a V3 with your mobile!

You have an Android phone and a V3 subscription?

  • Use the "V3 Facile" mobile app to borrow a V3
  • Simply link your V3 account with the app and use your phone (with NFC activated) instead of your TBM card.
  • This solution allows you to borrow a bike even if your card is not read at the station.

/!\ This application does not work with Apple phones.

V3 Facile
V3 Facile