Where to buy your ticket?

Où acheter un titre ?

Discover the different points of sale of TBM offers!

Whether you want a ticket for a trip, a day, for several days, or to subscribe and re-subscribe for a month or a year, our various points of sale are at your disposal, online and also at our various points of sale in Bordeaux Métropole.

Buy a ticket or TBM subscription on the online shop

Make your purchases in a few clicks and in complete security, we send your order to the address of your choice, within 7 to 10 working days.

Visit boutique.infotbm.com!

Buy a TBM ticket on ticket machines

Ticket dispensers and V3 terminals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will find the first ones near the tram stations and the second ones at each V3 station.

To help you, find all the points of sale on the TBM map available here!
To see the retailers allowing the reloading of TBM cards on our dynamic map, click on "Points de vente" and then on "Dépositaires tickets + rechargement".

You can also top up your annual season ticket by credit card from the machines at the tram stations.
Please note that some of them do not allow this, click here to find out which ones.

Buy a 1 or 2 trip ticket in the bus

  • Tickets for 1 or 2 journeys can be purchased from the driver on board the bus.
  • TBM is experimenting with payment by bank card in certain buses on Lianes 1 & 9.

Please note: last-minute ticket purchases on board are subject to a surcharge: 1 trip at €2 and 2 trips at €3.50. To get the best price, buy in advance or use the TBM app!

Buy a ticket or subscription at other points of sale


TBM sales agencies


With a custodian


With the alternative mobility cluster


With Bordeaux Metropole


With your employer