TBM + Trains in Bordeaux metropolitan area


With a TBM + Trains annual season ticket, you can take unlimited trips on the TBM and TER networks within the boundaries of Bordeaux Métropole.

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Who is it for?

The "TBM + Trains" annual season ticket is for people who want to combine the use of the TBM and TER Nouvelle-Aquitaine networks in Bordeaux Metropole, between the 16 stations in the conurbation. It is not suitable for passengers travelling from a station outside the conurbation, who can use a combined TER + TBM pass. 

What kind of access?

Loaded onto the TBM Card, the TBM + Trains pass gives you unlimited travel on the following lines:

  • regional trains (TER Nouvelle-Aquitaine) between the 16 stations in Bordeaux Metropole: Bassens, Bordeaux Saint-Jean, Bègles, Blanquefort, Bruges, Caudéran-Mérignac, Cenon, La Gorp, La Grave-d’Ambarès, Le Bouscat Sainte-Germaine, Mérignac-Arlac, Parempuyre, Pessac, Pessac-Alouette, Sainte-Eulalie - Carbon-Blanc, Villenave d’Ornon
  • tram, bus, Bat3 boats, park & ride and TBM bicycle spaces.



How much does it cost?

You will need to pay €10 more per month than for the standard TBM annual season ticket, or between €0 and €7 if you are eligible for the solidarity fare.

The TBM + Trains season ticket is available in the TBM shops and online.


Find your TBM + Trains itinerary!

Find out which lines serve the 16 stations in the conurbation:

Use the route calculator available on the TBM app and on infotbm.com to find the best solution for your journeys. Remember to select the "Train TER" preference to include TER Nouvelle-Aquitaine lines in the search results!
Choose your preferred route from the list. Results including a train line are identified by the pictogram :  

To make the most of your journeys and connections, check the timetables for the TBM and TER Nouvelle-Aquitaine lines in the "Timetables" section.

Good to know

  • If you have a current TBM annual season ticket and would like to benefit from access to the TER Nouvelle-Aquitaine lines in Bordeaux Metropole, simply take out a TBM + Trains season ticket in one of the TBM Boutiques or online. Our agents will replace your current subscription with the new TBM + Trains subscription. The start of this new subscription will commit you again for 12 months. 
  • The launch of the TBM+ trains annual season ticket marks the end of the free experiment on line 42 for all annual, monthly and weekly season ticket holders.
  • The TBM + Trains season ticket cannot be combined with a TER season ticket. If you need to travel by train outside the metropolitan area, you must take out a TER+ TBM season ticket.