Le Vélo (The Bicycle): how does it work?

Self-service bicycles

"Le Vélo" (tr. The Bicycle) is the tailor-made cycling offer for cyclists in the Metropole. More than 180 stations and 2,000 classic or electric bicycles available every day, 24 hours a day, with flexible and economical rates!



How does it work?

For occasional use: you can subscribe directly at the station, on the dedicated app "Le Vélo by TBM" (IOS, Android), or on this link.

To subscribe: choose from the dedicated "Le Vélo by TBM" app, TBM shops, or this link.

Good to know: the service is available to 15-year-olds and over!

Le Vélo annual subscriptions

  • The classic Le Vélo (non-electric bibcycle) €30/year

The classic Le Vélo* annual subscription is included in your annual TBM subscription. Activate it now!

*A non-cashed deposit of €140 is required to access the Le Vélo service. This sum will only be deducted in full or in part in the event of theft, loss or damage to equipment attributable to the user.

  • The electric Le Vélo (electric bicycle) €75/year

The electric Le Vélo annual subscription is only €45/year for TBM annual subscribers. You can subscribe to one of these plans online or directly in TBM shops.

V3 subscription holder?

You can switch to a Le Vélo subscription by visiting this website.

Le Vélo without subscription

Anyone over the age of 15 can use Le Vélo by going to a pay station and paying by credit card or on the Le Vélo par TBM app (IOS, Android).

Price list:

The electric Le Vélo: €2 per pick-up, then 10c/min over 30 minutes.
The classic Le Vélo: €1 per pick-up, then 10c/min over 30 minutes.

You can also go to TBM shops to access the Le Vélo service.

Renewing your Le Vélo subscription

There are several ways to renew your subscription:


I have a problem with my self-service bicycle

For any problem with your self-service bicycle ( anomaly, damage, malfunction...)

you have 2 options:

  • Call the Allo le Vélo service on +33 9 69 39 03 03
  • Make a complaint to report any malfunction.


Find out if there are still spaces or bicycles available at a Le Vélo station