Le Vélo (The Bicycle) by TBM: how to use it

Self-service Le Vélo incorporates innovations for more connected use.

Check them out now!


Use your TBM card with Le Vélo

When you pick up for the first time, remember to activate your card at the station so that you can use the service with your TBM card! To do this, please have your "Le Vélo" customer number ready.


You can then freely use your TBM card at the station to pick up a bike. When you scan it at the terminal, leave it in place for 2 to 3 seconds so that it is detected.

Picking up and hanging up your bike 🚲

To unhook your bike: Once you've validated the bike you want to borrow from the terminal, all you have to do is press the button on the terminal it's attached to and you're ready to go!

To hang up: Go to a free terminal and insert the bike. Once the LED has stopped flashing and a beep has sounded: the bike has been hung up!


Indicators 🚨

The bicycle is equipped with indicators. The control is activated with your thumb on the left handlebar.


Connected padlock 🔒

All the bicycles are equipped with new connected padlock to secure your bike when you borrow it (one-minute stop with the Le Vélo by TBM app on IOS and Android, parking on a SMART island).


The one-minute stop 🕑​

Accessible when you borrow a bicycle via the Le Vélo by TBM app

Need to leave your bicycle to go and get some chocolatines? But there's no station on the horizon? From your Le Vélo by TBM app (IOS, Android), activate the one-minute stop. The padlock locks and unlocks instantly!

When closing the padlock, check that the buckle locks in place without coming into contact with the spokes of the wheel. Turn the wheel if necessary.


The SMART island 🧠

Smart islands

The SMART island are located near the busiest stations. They increase their capacity. The stations do not display the battery levels of the bicycles parked on the SMART islands, make sure the electric bicycle you want to borrow has enough battery power.


The Cockpit 🧭

Only available on electric bicycles

It's the perfect companion to get you to your destination safely. Keep your hands free and your smartphone in your pocket thanks to its handlebar-mounted display. From your Le Vélo by TBM app (IOS, Android), select your destination and activate the Bluetooth for replication of guidance information on the cockpit dial.
Usefull: the cockpit displays your rental time at the bottom (in yellow). Manage your loan period without having to look at your watch!

Good to know: Only electric bicycles are equipped with a cockpit.


Electric assistance management 🔋

The electric bike has several levels of electric assistance. Remember to adapt your level of assistance to the situation, particularly when manoeuvring at slow speed. You can check the battery level on the bicycle at any time by pressing the button to the right of the battery.

Tip: starting off in the lowest gear following a stop (traffic lights, stop sign, etc.) makes it easier to start the bicycle and saves the battery power.

Good to know: the electric bicycle can be recognised by the lightning bolts drawn on its frame ⚡ !


Gear shifting 🚴

For your comfort, avoid shifting gears while pedalling and start off in the lowest gear.