Reloading a contactless ticket

recharger ticket TBM

Don't throw away your tickets anymore... reload them up to 10 times from the original title! For example: if you buy a "7-day" ticket, you can top it up to 10 times with "7-day" tickets.  There are 3 ways to top up your tickets:

  • On ticket machines in tram stations
  • In TBM commercial agencies
  • From the retailers who sell it

In video : How to top up a TBM contactless ticket?

Ticket vending machines

Vending machines located on all tram lines will allow you to buy contactless tickets 24/7. They are easy to identify, with a fully touch-sensitive screen. Simply place your ticket in the designated area and follow the instructions on the screen. 

Check the tram line maps to find out where the vending machines are located:


TBM Commercial agencies


On the dynamic map, click on "Points de vente" to locate all the retailers on the map.