Reload your TBM card

Carte TBM

To recharge your TBM card, you have 3 possibilities:

  • On the ticket machines, in tramway stations
  • In TBM commercial agency
  • At the merchants who sell your card

Ticket vending machines

The vending machines located on all streetcar lines will allow you to recharge your TBM card 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. They are easy to identify, with their fully touch screen. Simply place your card in the designated area and follow the instructions on the screen.  

Check the tramway line maps to find out where the machines are located:


Reloading the solidarity rate

At the following stations, the dispensers do not allow you to reload the monthly solidarity fare ticket :

  • Line A :
    • Le Haillan Rostand
    • Les Pins
    • Robinson Brothers
    • Hôtel de Ville Mérignac
    • Pin Galant
  • Line B :
    • Berges de la Garonne
    • Bougnard
    • Chataigneraie
    • Camponac Mediatheque
    • CAP Métiers
    • Haut-Lévêque Hospital
    • Pessac Alouette train station
    • Pessac France Alouette
  • Line C :
    • Parc des Expositions / Stade Matmut Atlantique
    • Palais des Congrès
    • Quarante Journaux
    • Berges du Lac
    • Gare de Blanquefort
    • Frankton
    • Gare de Bruges
    • Ausone
    • La Vache
    • Cracovie
    • La Belle Rose
    • Stade Musard
    • Calais Centujean
    • Gare de Bègles
    • Parc de Mussonville
    • Lycée Vaclav Havel

Ticket Offices

You have the possibility to recharge your TBM card with our advisors, in one of our 5 ticket offices:

Gambetta Office | 9, Place Gambetta, 33000 Bordeaux 

Quinconces Office | Cours du 30 Juillet, 33000 Bordeaux 

Buttinière Office | Parc relais de la Buttinière - 33310 - Lormont

Saint-Jean Office | Gare Saint-Jean accès Parvis sud à Bordeaux - 33000

Arts et Métiers Office | Parc Relais Arts et Métiers - 33400 - Talence


You can view the list of merchants allowing the reloading of TBM cards directly on our dynamic map by clicking on "points of sale" - "Ticket + reloading outlets".

Monthly Pass: when to reload your card?

You can renew your Monthly Pass at any time on your TBM card for the current month and for the two following months. This operation can be carried out on the machines in the station, in a TBM commercial agency or at an equipped retailer (see above).

In all cases, for each month, the monthly subscription is calendar, it thus starts on the 1st day of the month (or if necessary on the day of the purchase) and ends on the last day of the month.

Good to know: it is not possible to load your monthly subscription card beyond the next two months.