V³ Predict' : one step ahead of your station

"V³ Predict '" offers you the availability forecast in station V³ on the application "La Bonne Station" or on the V³ interactive map !


With this new feature you have access to availability forecasts up to twelve hours in advance!

How are the predictions calculated?

V³ Predict ', developed by the company Qucit, allows to know the availability of a given station, at a given time.

The calculations are based on the four years of existence of the V³ network and take into account the history of the occupation of the stations (about ten million trips since 2010), the action of the control equipment and the specificities in accordance with the day, time and school calendar.

Predictive V³ also takes into account the weather forecast in Bordeaux Métropole and the number of bicycles actually available at the time of the search.

Currently, more than 700 cities in the world are equipped with self-service bicycles: the V³ is the first system that benefits from predictions!

V3 Predict : capture d'écran

Where to find V³ predictions?

V³ Predict is available for Android and iPhone!