La Bonne Station : win days of use

You need a station to borrow or deposit a V³?

Whether you need it now or a little later, with the "La Bonne Station" app you always find the V³ station you need! And maybe even the one that will earn you subscription days!

If you want a V³ now

The application proposes you the list and the map of the stations around you with their availabilities in real time.

If you need a V³ later

Thanks to the V³ Predict 'function (launched in September 2014), the application shows availability forecasts for V³ stations:

  • In the "V³ predict 'menu: view the estimated availability of the stations around you according to the time interval you prefer,
  • In the list of stations: availability trends are shown with blue arrows,
  • In the station cards: a curve shows the availability of your station during the next 12 hours.

To win subscription days

If you are a monthly or annual subscriber of V³, enter your TBM card number in the application and look for a winning station:

  • on the station map: you will recognize the winning stations around you by the "golden" color and its crown,
  • in the "Winning stations" menu: access the list of all the winning stations around you

A station becomes a "winner" when it is almost full and needs a bicycle or when it is almost empty and must deposit its V³. The winning season automatically extends your subscription for one day! You can earn up to 30 days if you subscribe to V³ monthly and up to 365 days if you subscribe to annual V³!

Download the application !