View your ticket balance

On your ticket


Look at the white side of your Tickarte to find out how many journeys you have left! It provides a range of information. 

Ici, "01 AVR 08H50 012 09 V 031" signifie :  

01AVR: validation date
08H50: validation time
012: Liane 01, direction 2
09 V: number of journeys remaining
031: connection with Lianes 03 direction 1. No journey record

A series of asterisks “*” is printed on the bottom of the white side of your Tickarte when there are no journeys left.  

On the machine

When you validate your ticket, the machine will inform you of the number of journeys remaining on your Tickarte.

If you have journeys remaining on your Tickarte but the ticket is not accepted by the validating machine, please let a member of staff know at one of our 5 TBM offices. If the printing is legible and the Tickarte shows no other sign of damage, staff will exchange it for a new Tickarte credited with the number of journeys remaining. You can also post it to us!

If you travel regularly on the TBM network, find out about our La Carte benefits!