The rules for better travel

Les règles pour mieux voyager

Nearly 400,000 passengers travel daily on the TBM network. Travelling well together is about showing good attitude and common sense. It also means respecting the rules of good citizenship and the use of the TBM network for the comfort of all.

Travel in good standing

All passengers travelling on the TBM network must have a valid and validated ticket. Indeed, validation is mandatory every time you get on a line of the network, even in correspondence. Travelling without a ticket or with an unvalidated ticket exposes you to a fine.

Tram and bus: a common and civic space

At the bus stop and at the time of boarding

  • Wave to the driver to stop when he/she approaches your stop.
  • Before your bus arrives, prepare your ticket or change.
  • Only get on the bus from the front.
  • Do not stay at the front of the bus but move towards the bottom to facilitate boarding by other passengers.
  • Before getting off, do not forget to ask for a stop by pressing the button provided in advance.
  • It is not permitted to board or get off outside the stops, unless otherwise specified.
  • The descent is only made through the rear or middle doors.
  • Wait for the bus to leave before crossing. It's safer!

 At a tram station or in the tram

  • Do not walk on the tram platform, only on the sidewalks. To cross the platform, use pedestrian crossings equipped with lights.
  • Before entering the race, make sure that no oars arrive, either way.
  • Stay away from the platform, which is bounded by metal inserts called "smooth".
  • The tramway takes 40 metres to stop and develops a force of 50 tonnes: give it priority in all circumstances.
  • When you get on the tram, first let the passengers off.
  • Remember to move forward along the train, to allow passengers to get on board.

For your safety

  • If there is a crowd, take your backpack in hand and lift the seats.
  • .For everyone's safety, do not rush other passengers.
  • It is not allowed to board the bus while intoxicated or to consume alcohol on board.

For the comfort of all

  • The transport of an object with a span of more than 1 metre or that could represent a danger is not allowed.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited and this prohibition also applies to electronic cigarettes.
  • In case of traffic, do not unduly occupy the seats with personal belongings.
  • Do not throw garbage in vehicles.
  • Respect the equipment, do not put your feet on the seats.
  • Out of respect for other travellers, do not call during the trip.

BAT3: specific rules

As BAT3 is a river transport mode, its operation differs from that of other modes. Thus, the number of passengers on the BAT3 is limited to 65 people. Boarding and disembarking are carried out under the authority of the flight crew, and boarding at the terminal is mandatory.


Bicycles, rollerblades, scooters.... .


More informations

  • Trams and buses are free for children under 5 years old.
  • On May 1st, the tram and bus network does not circulate.
  • In case of doubt about the rules of use of the TBM network, we invite you to contact our advisors at +335.