Next services

There are several different ways to find out the arrival times for each route.


Using the interactive map, on our homepage: just enter the route number or bus stop name in the relevant box.

Good to know:

  • Each route icon is followed by live arrival times Picto temps réel.

On your mobile

Bus arrival times can be found on the mobile version of and on the free TBM app available on iOS and Android.

Good to know:

  • Live arrival times are indicated by an icon Picto temps réel.

At the bus stop

Some stops feature information boards displaying route numbers, destinations and live arrival times for upcoming services.  

If your stop doesn’t have live arrival times, you can always use the  QR code and NFC tag on the bus stop’s information board. They are easy to use: if your smartphone is NFC-capable, just place it on the NFC tag. If your smartphone doesn’t have NFC, install a QR reader app. Open the app and scan the QR code on the bus stop. You will then have access to a page showing arrival times of buses using that stop.

At a tram station

The  passenger information boards display arrival times and destinations for all upcoming trams. Make sure you take a look!

On a bus

Digital displays provide information throughout your journey, showing: the bus’s next stops, arrival times at major bus stops, places of interest close to stops (stadiums, theatres, parks, hospitals, schools, etc), timings for connections with other routes, any diversions, and availability of nearby V³ self-service bicycles.

Buses also have LED banners and audio announcements.