Mobibus: registration file

Build a file

Any request for registration with the public transport service at the request of persons with reduced mobility of Bordeaux Métropole must include the following documents:

  • the registration form downloaded and completed
  • a two-sided photocopy of the disability card or the inclusion mobility card,
  • a two-sided photocopy of the identity card,
  • a letter explaining the reasons why the applicant cannot use the TBM (Transport Bordeaux Métropole) network,
  • a detailed medical certificate,
  • full contact details of the applicant.

Where to send it?

This file can be sent:

  • by mail to MOBIBUS - 12, boulevard Antoine Gautier - 33082 Bordeaux Cedex
  • by email to

A response will be sent to you within a maximum of 8 days.