Titres de transport TBM demandeurs d'emploi


TBM jobseeker’s travelcard
  • Unlimited use of tram, bus, Bat3 and park-and-ride services during your entitlement period


Are you a jobseeker living in Greater Bordeaux?

You may be entitled to free travel on TBM tram, bus and Bat3 services plus free use of park-and-rides. Eligibility is determined by a means test. For further information about free travel or to submit your application, contact your local Centre Communal d'Action Sociale (CCAS): click here to find the address of the relevant centre.

With this travelcard, you can use Greater Bordeaux’s V³ self-service bicycle network at a reduced rate of €7/month!

Don’t miss out! You must  validate your TBM Jobseeker’s travelcard using the new (white) card readers. 


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How to renew your travel pass

From summer 2017, your entitlement will be automatically renewed. Just remember to validate your card using the white card readers.

You must validate your card!

All passengers using the TBM network must possess an appropriate ticket or card that has been validated. Every time you use a route on the network, you must validate your ticket or card, even if you are just changing services.
If you travel without a ticket or card, or with a ticket or card that has not been validated, you risk paying a penalty fare.