Concessionary 10 Journey Tickets

TBM Ticket 10 voyages tarif réduit

Concessionary 10 Journey Tickets

  • 10 unlimited journeys by tram, bus and Bat3 for the one-hour period after validating your ticket


Concessionary fares are offered to large families, students, school pupils and some people on low incomes.

To receive a discount, you must have applied for a TBM concessionary card at one of our ticket offices or via our Postal Sales Department (TBM Service Client - 12, Boulevard Antoine Gautier - CS 31211 - 33082 Bordeaux Cédex).

If you see a ticket inspector, you will need to show your TBM card. Every journey gives you unlimited use of TBM tram, bus and Bat3 services for the one-hour period after validating your ticket.

You must validate your card!

All passengers using the TBM network must possess an appropriate ticket or card that has been validated. Every time you use a route on the network, you must validate your ticket or card, even if you are just changing services.
If you travel without a ticket or card, or with a ticket or card that has not been validated, you risk paying a penalty fare.