TBM ambassadors of people with reduced mobility

An ambassador is a privileged contact for persons with reduced mobility who wish to travel with the TBM network.

PMR Ambassador: towards the autonomy of the network

PMR ambassadors are first and foremost regulars in the TBM network. Whether they are Wheelchair Users or Visually Impaired, they have personal experience of journeys on the TBM network, whatever the mode. Thus, PMR ambassadors are the best placed to help their peers understand the network, knowing the mobility difficulties that can arise. They are also trained to perfect their personal knowledge.

How to contact a PMR ambassador?

A PMR ambassador is attentive to the person who requests him/her: understanding his/her fears and difficulties will allow him/her to give him/her keys to autonomy on the network. From the preparation of the journey to the field, the latter accompanies and advises. Any person with reduced mobility (Wheelchair User, Visually Impaired...) wishing to benefit from the support of an ambassador can contact him and see with him what his availability is. If you are the godchild of a PMR ambassador, TBM offers you free transport during the first 3 months.

Ambassadeur UFR-DEFFICIENT-VISUEL_2017.jpg

Partner Associations

 This initiative is supported and implemented through TBM's partner associations.