Tram and bus : a civic space

At a bus stop and entering a bus

  • Give the driver a signal so he or she knows you want to get on. 
  • Get your ticket, card or cash ready before the bus stops. 
  • Climb onto the bus, entering through the front doors only. 
  • Don’t stop at the front of the bus but walk straight to the seats, making room for other passengers to get on.
  • Before getting off, don’t forget to let the driver know that you wish to alight by pressing the stop button.
  • You can only get on or off the bus at the designated bus stops.
  • When you get off the bus, you should only use the rear or middle doors.
  • Wait for the bus to depart before crossing the road. It’s safer! 

At a tram station and in a tram

  • Only walk on the platform, not on or near the tram tracks. To cross the tracks, use the pedestrian crossings with lights.
  • Before crossing, make sure that no tram is coming from either direction.
  • Keep your distance from the tracks, remaining on the correct side of the aluminium border line. 
  • Trams take 40 metres to stop and have a force of 50 tons: give way to trams at all times. 
  • Let passengers off before climbing on board the tram.
  • Continue towards the back of the tram to allow other passengers to get on.

For your safety

  • You may not be allowed to board a bus, tram or Bat3 if you are wearing roller skates or blades.
  • In busy periods, hold backpacks in your hands and raise folding seats.
  • For everyone’s safety, do not push up against other passengers. 
  • You must not get on a bus if you are inebriated, nor should you consume alcohol on board.

For the comfort of all

  • You must not carry anything hazardous or objects over 1 metre in length.
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden. This policy also includes electronic cigarettes. 
  • In busy periods, do not place personal effects on seats.
  • Do not discard rubbish in the vehicles.
  • Respect your surroundings. Do not put your feet on the seats.
  • Out of respect for other passengers, try not to make phone calls during the journey.