Park & Ride : How does it work?


The TBM network has 25 park-and-rides throughout Greater Bordeaux. They are conveniently located close to tram and bus routes, meaning you can easily pick up public transport before or after using your car.

How do I use a TBM Park-and-Ride?

  • To enter a park-and-ride, press the entry button at the barrier. You will see two different lanes: one for season ticket holders and the other for occasional users.
  • If you don’t have a ticket, go to the P+R machine or the tram station nearby. You can buy your ticket there.
  • Validate your ticket every time you get on a tram, bus or Bat3 (even when you’re just changing from one service to another).
  • To exit the park-and-ride, insert your validated ticket into the barrier machine or place your card on the reader.

If you have a TBM season ticket

Your day’s parking in a park-and-ride is included in your TBM season ticket along with your tram, bus and Bat3 journeys. Validate your TBM card at the entrance to the park-and-ride to raise the barrier. Then validate your ticket again on a tram or bus. To exit, hold your TBM card to the reader.

If you haven’t got a TBM season ticket

Press the entrance button to raise the barrier at the entrance to the park-and-ride. Once you’ve parked, go to the P+R ticket machine or the machine at the tram station to buy a 1 day or 7 day travelcard or a Nighttime Pass. Validate your ticket on a tram or bus route. To exit, insert your ticket into the reader.


  • You will not be able to leave the park-and-ride unless your ticket has been validated on a tram or bus service that same day.
  • Park-and-rides are open while trams are running: You cannot park your car outside these times. If you do, you may be fined €15 per day (including part days).

Park and Ride - Reduced fare

Park and ride reserved for TBM subscribers

  • Some park-and-rides are reserved exclusively for TBM season ticket holders. Find them on the plan of the park and ride facilities.
  • For the park-and-rides Pessac Centre and Mérignac Centre, access is only valid from Monday to Friday. In addition, on these parks relay, the entry must imperatively be between 7h and 15h and the exit before 1:30 am. When you enter, you must present your TBM card or ticket to the guardian present to obtain a ticket that will allow you to leave the car park.
  • For Park & rides reservated for TBM subscribers (listed in the previous point), the access to the bike park is not possible with your TBM card, you will need a Parcub subscription.