At nightfall, the TBM network adapts!

To transport those who work staggered hours or who, on the contrary, take advantage of their free time to move and have fun, TBM is reinventing its evening network!

The tram: until 1am... and more!

Anticipate your travels as well as possible and enjoy your evening without stress, by consulting the time at which the tram makes its last departure from the terminus: until 1am on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (00am the rest of the week).
Keep in mind that a tram leaving at 1 hour from its terminus still circulates a little later.

Let's take an example. When the last tram leaves the "Haillan Rostand" station at 00:50 (23:50 on weekdays):

It made a stop at the "Pin Galant" station 10 minutes later, evening at 1am.

It reaches the "Hôtel de Ville" station in the centre of Bordeaux at 1h25.

It finally arrived at "La Gardette" or "Floirac Dravemont", her terminus, at 1:50 am!

On or the TBM app, you can follow the news in real time! Think about it!

After 10pm, get off the bus on demand!

The on-demand disembarkation service between two stops is now generalized on all bus lines that operate after 10pm.

The goal? Get as close as possible to your destination and limit your walking time.
Contact the line driver, who remains the judge of the feasibility of your request.