How do i validate my ticket?

Valider vos titres de transport TBM

You must validate your TBM Card or ticket each time you use a tram, bus or Bat3 service, even if you’re just changing services to continue your journey.

How to validate ?

Ticket and card readers are available on each TBM route. Please get your ticket or card ready before boarding any bus, tram or Bat3. This makes boarding quicker and easier for you and other passengers.

You can validate your TBM card using any card reader (both the yellow ones and the new white ones). Place your card on the reader and wait. It takes just a few seconds, and you’ll be travelling within the rules.

To validate with a Contactless Ticket, use the white validators only. Put your ticket on the target and wait. A few seconds are enough to travel in good standing.

To validate with a Magnetic Tickarte, use the yellow validators only. Insert your ticket into the slot, white side up, in the direction indicated by the arrows.


How can I be sure my card or ticket has been read?

  • Did you see a green light and hear a beep? Your card or ticket has been validated. The reader will let you know how many journeys you have remaining or the expiry date of your season ticket.
  • Did you see a red light and hear a double beep? Your card or ticket has not been validated! Please try again: The reader will let you know why your card or ticket was not validated. If there are no remaining journeys on your card or ticket, please buy a new Tickarte or top up your card.

If your card is topped up but hasn’t been accepted by the reader:

  • It could be damaged. Please visit at one of TBM’s 5 ticket offices. One of our advisers will replace it for you.
  • It may have expired. Your TBM card needs to be replaced every 6 years, just like a debit or credit card. The expiry date is printed on the back of your card. If the card has expired, please visit one of our 5 ticket offices. One of our advisers will replace it for you.

If you still have journeys remaining on your Tickarte but the ticket hasn’t been accepted by the reader:

  • Visit one of our 5 ticket offices; one of our advisers will exchange it for a new one. They will credit the ticket with any outstanding journeys, as long as the print is legible and the Tickarte shows no other sign of damage.
  • Please contact us if your Tickarte is retained by the reader, you’re unable to get it back and you’ve been fined by a ticket inspector.

Gain rewards for travelling with TBM!

TBM’s loyalty scheme is called Écomobi! Every time you validate your TBM card you’ll receive reward points that can be redeemed in the online store. 1 validation = 10 points! Click here to find out more.