Find out how busy your line is!

You can choose the most comfortable time for you, but you don't know the attendance of your line? In order to give you all the tools to choose the ideal schedule, TBM offers you to discover the ridership of your line, hour by hour!

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Optimize your trip, estimate the number of passengers on board!

You don't like to be stuck close to strangers during your morning commute? Check out our new "on-board crowds" section on your line's ticket! ✨

So that you can anticipate your journeys and travel in the best conditions, we offer you the possibility of consulting the number of passengers on board your lines.

This information is necessary to allow those who can to adjust their trip by choosing a less busy time or line!

How is the attendance estimated?

Validate, it's useful!

Validating your ticket at the entrance allows us to know the number of passengers on board a vehicle. Using this data, we can produce an estimate of ridership for the past month (excluding school vacations and public holidays), which is updated monthly by our (super) data team! 🦸‍♂‍

This information is available for all tramway and bus lines!

Where can I check the traffic on my line?

Look for your line in the "Schedules" section and consult its file: the number of passengers is at the bottom of the page!
You can also find the number of passengers in the "Lines" section, by choosing your line and consulting the "Practical information" section!