Use Twitter to find out what’s happening at TBM, including the latest travel updates on the routes you’re taking.

TBM’s main account

@Info_TBM is TBM’s main account, operated by our community manager from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Discover the network’s latest news and special offers. And you can contact us if you need to!

TBM route accounts

  • @TBM_TramA to follow the news on tramline A
  • @TBM_TramB to follow the news on tramline B
  • @TBM_TramC to follow the news on tramline C
  • @TBM_Bus to follow the news on the network’s bus routes
  • @TBM_Bat3 to follow the news on Bat³ (river shuttles)
  • @TBM_V3 to follow the news on V3 (self-service cycle scheme)

These accounts are active from 6:30am to 9pm, Monday to Saturday (and for tramlines only, 1:30pm to 9pm on Sundays). Updates include:

  • live bus and traffic information,
  • details of any roadworks or repairs,
  • information on all major events in the city affecting your journeys.

If you want updates on a particular route on Twitter, use the hashtag #TBMBus followed by your route number to filter the information. Example: For Lianes1+, use #TBMBus1!

How do I sign up to Twitter?

To open a Twitter account, go to the Twitter mobile app or To create an account, you will need a valid email address, password and two personal identifiers.

How do I follow TBM on Twitter?

Once you’ve created your own account, then use the search box at the top of the page to find the Twitter feed you wish to follow. For example: TBM_Bus to follow bus service travel information. If you then go to your homepage, you’ll be able to see all the tweets posted on the account(s) you are following! See you very soon on #twitter!