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    TBM application: the mobility assistant

Traffic news, arrival times, bike availabilities, itineraries… The TBM app lets customers prepare and optimize their trips in the Metropolitan area according to their profile and personal criteria by using the:

  • journey planner which combines bus, tram, river-boat, car, V³ bike, walking
  • timetables and the availability of bike stations  in real time

 Google PlayApp Store 

  • V³ Facile: the easiest way to take a bike

The bike-sharing application makes your ride easier. Use your smartphone to::

  • subscribe to a V³ access (24 hours, 7 days, 1 month, or 1 year)
  • find a docking station
  • take a bike from a station

Required: Smartphone with NFC compatibility
Google PlayWindows StoreBlackberry World

  • la bonne stationBonne Station: always a bike station available

The bike-sharing application finds the right V³ station by using the:

  • Interactive map & list
  • Real time data
  • V³ Predict’: predictive data to anticipate bike availability for up to 12 hours in advance
  • Incentive: take a bike from a “full station” or return it to an “empty” one… By helping to self-balance the V³ network, you win free days of use!

Required: a 1-month or 1-year subscription to win free days
Google PlayApp Store

  • M-Pass Congress: making exhibitors travel easy

Created exclusively for exhibitors, the application allows you to :

  • buy tickets
  • validate buses trams and river-boats using NFC Technology or a Flash Code reader.

 Google PlayApp Store Windows Store

Your connected journey

  • Real-time tags: updated wait times everywhere!

Real-time tags are displayed at every bus stop: get next arrival information on your smartphone using  NFC Technology or a Flash Code reader.

TIP: Save your favorite stop to check the next departures from home!

Required: a smartphone connected to the Internet

  • Connectram App: prolong the experience of the tram that takes you to the future

The real-time and 3D application lets you discover the Metropolitan area of tomorrow through an urban and intermodal environment by using:

  • real-time 3D location of the Connectram
  • localisation of the line C transportation hubs (tram, bus, bikes)
  • timetables and the availability of bike stations  in real time

Mobile site

InfoTBM mob : mobilinfotbc.com
An ergonomic adapted to mobile devices, access to practical and timely information to the route planner, the next passages, alerts info ...


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