The 3 tram lines, A, B and C, serve all the major facilities within the Bordeaux Metropole :

The A line provides east-west linkage across the urban area, connecting the right and left banks. Stops include : Hôpital Pellegrin, the Chaban Delmas stadium, downtown Bordeaux and the Cenon TER station. 

The B line provides the greater urban area’s south-north linkage. Leaving from Pessac Railway station, it serves : the Talence / Pessac campus, downtown Bordeaux, the Quais des Chartrons and the Hangars.

The C line also provides north-south linkage across the city. It serves : the Bordeaux Saint Jean station, which it connects to downtown Bordeaux and to the inner-lying neighbourhoods of Bordeaux Lac, and also Blanquefort.  At south, it goes to Bègles.

Trams run between 5 a.m. to 00h00 and until 1h00 the Thursday, Friday et Saturday at 4 to 7 mn intervals during the day and 8 to 15 mn intervals the rest of the time.


The 3 tram lines


Information of real time traffic

Be kept informed about the news of live trips with Twitter's accounts(bills) @tbm_tramA, @tbm_tramB, @tb_tramC.





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If you stay out of the Bordeaux Metropole, leave your car in one of our 23 Park & Rides located along the 3 tram lines.

Park you car next to the tram with Park & Ride sites

Located strategically near tram terminuses and major passenger interchange hubs, 23 Park & Ride sites allow car users to continue their journeys in safe, relaxed comfort on the Tbc network.

Just park your car and hop on a tram or bus: no more traffic jams or parking problems in the city centre!

  • Access
    > Free access to : City Pass, 1-day pass, 7-day pass and Evening pass holders
    > Occasional users can buy a Tickarte Park & Ride on arrival for a single fee of €4.50, which includes unlimited daytime parking and a Tickarte for each passenger in the car
  • Important
    > To take your car back you must have tagged your pass in a tram, bus or BatCub first
    > Cars can not be parked out of the tram services (between 1 am & 5 am)