TBM + Transgironde

  • Unlimited use of the TBM network's trams, bus, BAT3, park-and-ride and bike shelters  + unlimited use of the Transgironde network.
  • Special tarification for the V3 service, the self-service bikes program of Bordeaux Métropole
  • 3 options to choose from (Annual, Monthly, Weekly) depending on your category (-28 years old or +28 years old)
MODALIS TBM + Car Transgironde - 28 years



MODALIS TBM + Car Transgironde + 28 years



If you frequently travel between the Gironde and Bordeaux Metropole, the Modalis TBM + Car Transgironde travel pass has been made for you !

It lets you travel without limits in autocar, tram, bus, Bat³ and also includes a park & ride access.

3 formulas available: year-round, monthly or weekly.