TBM + carsharing Citiz

  • Unlimited use of Citiz cars and unlimited travels on the TBM network's trams, buses, Bat3, park-and-ride services and bike shelters for a year.
TBM + Citiz

4020 /Month

Combine travel using Citiz self-service cars, trams, buses and Bat³ services as well as TBM park-and-rides !

A TBM+Citiz pass gives you reductions on both your TBM The Pass and Citiz membership. When using Citiz vehicles, you will be billed by the hour and kilometre, in accordance with the fee schedule in effect on the day of use. For further details, visit citiz.coop

Do you have a Young Person’s or Senior Travel Pass ? You are not eligible for a TBM+Citiz Pass; however, you do get 50% off your Citiz membership.