Pass Senior + V³

Abonnement Pass Senior et V³ TBM

Pass Senior + V³

  • One year’s unlimited travel for individuals aged 60 and over, using TBM V³, tram, bus, Bat³ and park-and-ride services.
  • Access to the Écomobi loyalty scheme


A monthly direct debit for 12 months + €27 for the V³ service

If you are over 60 years old, enjoy a subscription with one year’s unlimited travel on TBM’s V³, tram, bus, Bat³ and park-and-ride services!

Sales Points
Documents to provide
Renew your season ticket
You must validate your card!

All passengers using the TBM network must possess an appropriate ticket or card that has been validated. Every time you use a route on the network, you must validate your ticket or card, even if you are just changing services.
If you travel without a ticket or card, or with a ticket or card that has not been validated, you risk paying a penalty fare.