Park-and-Ride Tickets

  • Access to the park-and-ride + 2 journeys for the driver and the passengers
  • Enjoy a reduced rate (see the list of concerned park-and-ride facilities below),
  • buy your ticket directly from the park-and-ride facility
Park-and-Ride Tickets

1 to 5 persons


Park-and-Ride ticket reduced fare

1 Person


Park-and-Ride ticket reduced fare

from 2 to 5 Persons


The Park-and-ride ticket allows you to easily combine car and public transport.

Park your car in the Park-and-ride and go to a ticket dispenser (at a tram station near the Park-and-ride you are interested in) to buy a Park-and-ride ticket.

Validation of your ticket on the network will trigger the opening of the barrier when reading the same ticket at the exit of the Park and Ride.

The Park and Ride ticket includes parking for the car for the day + one return trip on the network (2 trips) for each occupant of the car (up to 5 occupants). Access to TBM park and ride facilities is also included in TBM subscriptions and day tickets (1 day, 7 days).


A reduced rate is applied to a selection of park-and-ride facilities :

  • Les Pins, Quatre Chemins,
  • Lauriers,
  • La Gardette (Bassens - Carbon-Blanc)
  • Brandenburg
  • Gare de Pessac Alouette
  • Cap Métiers
  • Quarante Journaux
  • Villenave Pyrénées.

Thus, the park and ride ticket will be accessible at €4 for two to five people in the vehicle. Available exclusively on the distributors of the above-mentioned park and ride facilities and tram stations close to them.