Bike Shelters

Abris Vélos
  • Unlimited access to 10 Bike Shelters TBM Network
Bike Shelters


Bicycle shelters : practical and secure the bike shelters in the TBM network are accessible to all on condition that they have an annual or monthly TBM or Modalis Transgironde subscription or SNCF.

10 bike shelters are at your disposal 24/7! They are secure, as access is only possible by validating your TBM or Modalis card charged with a monthly or annual subscription.


This is the list of Bike Shelters :

  • Église de Saint-Aubin (Saint-Aubin-du-Médoc)
  • Beausoleil (Gradignan)
  • Caychac Bourg (Blanquefort)
  • Mairie du Taillan (Le Taillan-Médoc)
  • Cenon Mairie (Cenon)
  • Stade Musard (Bègles)
  • La Gorp (Ambares)
  • Bruges Gare (Bruges)
  • Berges de la Garonne (Bordeaux)
  • Mairie du Haillan (Le Haillan)


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