Bat3 Tickets

Titres Bat3
  • 1 unlimited journey using the tram, bus and BAT3 services for an hour period following the first validation of your ticket
1 journey Bat3


2 journeys Bat3


Cross from one side of the river to the other with a BAT3 ticket !

This ticket gives you unlimited travels on the BAT3 river shuttles, trams and buses for the an hour period after the first validation of your ticket.

To know more about the BAT3, please click here  

It is sold by crew members on board of the BAT3 services only.

You can use the BAT3 with any valid TBM ticket 


Validate on the white validators :

  • A beep and a green light, your title is validated!
  • A long beep and a red light : your title is not validated. Remember to look at the cause on the screen and get a new title in order to be in good standing.


Check the balance of your ticket :

  • On the validator at the time of validation,
  • On distributors present at the tram stations,
  • In our TBM sales offices.