Getting around at night

Vous déplacer la nuit

TBM offers a wide and diverse range of night services, so you can enjoy your night out without worrying about getting home.

Tram and Lianes: runs until 1am!

The 3 tram lines and 13 Lianes routes run until 1am on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, even on Bank Holidays (and until midnight on other days).

Flexo Evening Services: Every day from 9:30pm

6 Flexo night routes serve specific geographical areas, where a request stop policy operates.

50.jpg From Bordeaux Stalingrad to Ambarès

Fixed route between Stalingrad (connection with Tram A) and Ambarès town centre. (connection with Lianes 7) via Quai de Brazza, Lormont bas, La Gardette, Carbon Blanc Centre. Then, Flexo zone service (Ambarès Du Roy, Saint Vincent de Paul, Ambès, Saint-Louis de Montferrand)

51.jpg From Bordeaux Galin to Artigues

Fixed route between Galin (connection with Tram A) and Artigues Virecourt (via Cenon-Gare, Beausite, Jean Zay). Then, Flexo zone service (Feydeau, Mairie, Fontderode, Le Poteau).

52.jpg From Bordeaux Galin to Bouliac

Fixed route between Galin (connection with Tram A) and Place Vettiner (via Monrepos, Dravemont, Les Plateaux, Floirac Town Hall). Then, Flexo zone service (Berliquet, Fayzeau).

54.jpg From Mérignac Fontaine d’Arlac to PESSAC Bougnard

Fixed route between Fontaine d’Arlac (connection with Tram A) and Bougnard (connection with Tram B) (via Le Burck, Pessac Centre, Châtaigneraie, Saige). Then, Flexo zone service for Bersol Flexo Business Park.

55.jpg From Saint-Médard-en-Jalles to Saint-Aubin-du-Médoc

Connection with Lianes 3 at the Place de la République. Then Flexo zone service connecting the municipalities of Saint-Aubin (centre, Pinsoles) and Saint-Médard-en-Jalles (Hastignan, Issac, Magudas, Corbiac).

57.jpg From Blanquefort Frankton to PAREMPUYRE

Fixed route from Blanquefort Frankton (connection with Tram C) and the centre of Parempuyre (via Blanquefort city hall and station). Then Flexo zone service for Parempuyre (Landegrand, Lisière du Vignoble).

Route 58: all night long!

58.jpg Bus route 58 (Paludate/Victoire/Campus) is a night-only service. It runs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night from 1:30am to 5:30am when both the tram service and Lianes super busses wake up for the day!

Good to know:

  • Flexo routes have both fixed timetables and request stop zones (booking required). Find out more here. 
  • Get out and about in the evening with a Night Pass!