Bike parking

There are a number of ways to park your bike securely so you can use the TBM network.

BIKE SHELTERS: handy and secure

Do you have a TBM season ticket? There are 9 bike shelters available 24/7. They are secure as they can only be accessed using your TBM or Modalis card.

Download the TMB bike shelter user guide, rules and regulations.

SAINT-JEAN BIKE PARK: 357 spaces by the station entrance

You can park your bike securely at Saint-Jean bike park, located at the station entrance. To access the bike park, just use a TBM or MODALIS card that has been credited with a monthly or annual bike park permit. Saint-Jean bike park is open 24/7 and is under video surveillance. A self-service bicycle pump is available. Make life easy and use the bike park when you want to travel by SNCF and TransGironde, or use Citiz and TBM services.

Good to know

  • Bicycles are strictly forbidden on buses.
  • They are permitted on trams during off-peak hours only (9am to 4pm) and only if the tram is not full.
  • A maximum of 6 bicycles can be carried on each Bat³ boat.