Mobilité sur le réseau TBM

All TBM’s tram, bus and Bat³ services all have wheelchair access.


All three tramlines (A, B and C) are accessible.


All our buses are equipped with retractable ramps. There are also specific areas and facilities on each bus for wheelchair users. There are places for either 1 or 2 wheelchair users on each bus, depending on the model.


Our river shuttles also have disabled access and there are two areas reserved for wheelchair users on each catamaran: L’Hirondelle and La Gondole.

Mobibus, the transport for wheelchair users

Alongside the TBM network, the Mobibus service helps disabled passengers travel around Greater Bordeaux every day. All year round, Mobibus serves the 28 municipalities of Greater Bordeaux. Mobibus uses a booking system and flat fare rate, wherever you’re travelling. You’ll also need to fill in an application form before using the service.

Prior to using the service, the network suggests that wheelchair users and the visually impaired meet up with our Disability Ambassadors. They will help you understand the network and how to use it independently. For more information about our Disability Ambassadors, cliquez ici.