V³ on your mobile

V³ sur votre mobile

TBM offers several mobile apps to make it even easier to use V³ services. Find out more now!

V³ Facile: free your bike!

With V³ Facile, you just need a smartphone to borrow a V³! You can use your smartphone to:

  • select and pay for V³ membership (for 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month or 1 year)
  • manage your available time credit
  • view docking stations and availability
  • hire a V³ from any docking station

You can register several different V3 memberships through the app. That means more than one person can borrow a bike through the same smartphone!

V³ Facile
V³ Facile

La Bonne Station: get a head start at your docking station!

With Bonne Station, you’ll always find the docking station you need:

  • In real time on our interactive map showing the number of cycles available at each station. In just one click, find out where to pick up or drop off your V3.
  • Up to 12 hours in advance using V³ Prédict’! For example: use the app the night before you want to borrow a bike, and find out which station will have the most availability!

LE + : win free cycle hire for a day! The idea is simple: To win, just borrow a bike from a full docking station or leave a bike at an empty one! There’s just one condition: get an annual or monthly V³ membership.

La Bonne Station
La Bonne Station

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