Faced with gender-based harassment, the entire TBM network is united!

Sexist harrasment

TBM continues its commitment to the fight against gender-based harassment and is committed to contributing to the safety of all travellers in Bordeaux Metropole.

In the face of gender-based harassment, victims and witnesses : alert us!

Frotando.... ¡pica!
Frotando.... ¡pica!

Face with gender-based harassment, the whole network is united. Victims, witnesses, alert us as soon as possible !

  • Get closer to TBM agents : drivers, controllers, security agents...
  • Call ALLOTBM on 05 57 57 88 88
  • Press the emergency call button present in the station and in the trainset

Call directly the police station on 17.

Se comporta como un cerdo.... Me niego a esconder la cabeza en la arena.
Se comporta como un cerdo.... Me niego a esconder la cabeza en la arena.

Internal awareness raising

The theme of harassment is covered in integration training for new drivers with a very specific module incorporating the concepts of secularism and non-discrimination. Staff are reminded of the definition of harassment and sexual violence, the relevant numbers and the tools at their disposal. Drivers are then trained to behave appropriately when dealing with a victim or witness of assault.

As part of this anti-harassment campaign, a guide is distributed internally, containing practical information, advice and resources to help drivers and all staff in contact to react in such situations.

Gender harassment and gender-based violence are punishable by law

Una mano en movimiento... ¡un pie en prisión!
Una mano en movimiento... ¡un pie en prisión!

Sexual harassment and gender-based violence are punishable by law.
Whistles, strong looks, insults, rubbing, exhibitions... .. .

Under no circumstances should we trivialize, minimize or tolerate these behaviours.
Victims and witnesses, give the alert !

Sexist harassment or assault? File a complaint and notify us within 48 hours

Cree que está actuando de incógnito... ¡lo vemos!
Cree que está actuando de incógnito... ¡lo vemos!

Victims, witnesses : in case of aggression, file a complaint with the police as soon as possible !

Also alert us within 48 hours so that we can extract the images from the cameras and increase the chances of identifying the attacker.
Lors de votre signalement donnez-nous le maximum d'information afin que nous puissions identifier le bon véhicule au plus tôt et réagir le plus rapidement possible.

These images will be provided to the Police upon request, so it is essential that you file a complaint with them.

On-demand raids: a means of combating gender-based harassment

After 22 hours get off between two stops with the driver's agreement and in compliance with safety rules.
This makes it possible to be closer to one's destination and to avoid a long walk in unsafe areas.
The usefulness of this device is proven, both in terms of safety and comfort for the final walking journey. On average, 4 to 5 requests are made per evening.

It has been in place since April on all Lianes in the network (1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 5, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15 and 16) and on night flexo lines including the TBNight night line (58).

"HandsAway" and "Mon Chaperon" mobile apps to reduce sexist harassment

Mon chaperon
Mon chaperon

The "Mon Chaperon" mobile app offers 3 tools for people who move alone : copying, remote monitoring and the alert button.

Walk with someone else makes it possible to secure one's journeys by making them with people who follow the same route.
Remote monitoring gives relatives the possibility to follow a journey in real time.
The alert button allows you to alert your loved ones in real time by text message in case of a problem.


Launched in October 2016, "HandsAway" is the application to combat gender and sexual assault on the streets and public transport.

It allows you to indicate directly that you are the victim of an attack. People in the surrounding area who have downloaded the application are immediately notified.  Psychological support for the victim or intervention may therefore be possible.