Bicycles V³

The V³ service makes 1,800 bicycles available to users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 174 stations.
You borrow a bike from any station you want and return it to any other.
Travel time under 30 minutes is free of charge if you’re a member (1 day = 1.60€, 1 year = 30€, more fees).

Up to 30 minutes FREE
Then  2€/hour
Other charges
Late return charge
Damage charge
Non-return charge

V³ availability and news always on hand with the mobile website and Twitter : @tbm_VCub    


 ► Reinvent the way you travel

Most V³ stations are located in the immediate vicinity of a bus stop, a tram stop or a train station and provide the perfect interconnection for making bicycles part of your commuting strategy. They can help you get to your morning tram station earlier, return home faster in the evening, easily reach a location that’s not directly served by a bus line, or just to make the most of the city’s lifestyle (in downtown Bordeaux, the stations are only 300 metres apart!). Excellent for your mobility, health, and the environment!

► Taking you all the way there

51 V³+ stations are located at bus and tram terminuses, near schools, educational facilities and employment areas. Spread over 18 peripheral municipalities, they offer TBM pass holders special fares and up to 20 consecutive hours free of charge when used to interconnect with the tramway or bus lines. You reach your final destination by bike. This system lets you arrive at work by bike and you only have to return it to its home station in the evening, or, if you prefer, return home by bike and only return it the next morning when you continue your journey by bus, tram, or train...

Peace of mind knowing your bicycle is always safely parked

Do you already use your own bicycle on a regular basis? V³ also offers 800 parking slots available near tram stations and bus stops plus a secure parking facility at the Saint-Jean station to facilitate interchange.
The secure parking facility at the Saint-Jean station:

  • 250 places
  • Accessible with the monthly or annual V³ pass
  • Open 7/7 24/24
  • Video surveillance
  • Self-service wheel pump-up station inside the parking facility